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Frontiers in Engine and Automotive Engineering is a first-tier electronic specialty section which aims to publish papers that describe advances in transportation and power generation technologies that improve energy utilization and reduce pollutant emissions from internal combustion, gas turbine and other engines, including hybrid electric systems. This is a critical goal, since engines and transportation systems form the backbone of the world’s economy. Transportation in developed countries accounts for almost a quarter of all energy use. This has significant emissions implications, since fossil fuels, which provide 87% of the world’s power production, are the primary transportation energy source, accounting for an equivalent percentage of all anthropogenic Green House Gas emissions. Engines power all manner of utility devices (pumps, mowers, chain-saws, portable generators, etc.), freight transportation (truck, rail and maritime heavy-duty engines), earth-moving equipment, agricultural tractors and harvesters, aircraft, ocean liners and ships, personal watercraft and motorcycles, plus the almost 1 billion passenger cars on the world’s roads.

Our section welcomes papers concerned with improving the understanding and the control of factors that impact engine efficiency and emissions: from vehicle level experiments and simulations, to studies of the fluid dynamics of the turbulent multiphase flows relevant to engine sprays and combustion, to the detailed molecular chemistry of fuels and their impact on combustion, to engine tribology. Exhaust after-treatment technologies is of interest, including research on Selective Catalytic Reduction, Lean NOx Trap, Diesel and Low Temperature Oxidation Catalysts, and Diesel and Gasoline Particulate Filters.

Frontiers in Engine and Automotive Engineering also welcomes original contributions that describe means to reduce the losses related to vehicle aerodynamics, plus characterize transmission and driveline losses, as well as friction reduction technologies and lubrication. Analysis of new transportation options, including autonomous vehicles, is also relevant. Alternative fuels research is of interest, including use of renewable biofuels, natural gas, hydrogen and other carbon-free fuels. In addition, papers on fuel cell applications and improvements in battery energy capacity, together with approaches that integrate these technologies in vehicle applications are encouraged. In recent years, strategies such as low temperature combustion, combined with advances in fuel injection and innovative after-treatment technologies promise to significantly improve fuel efficiency and reduce hazardous pollutant emissions. The development and application of more informative laser diagnostics and high-resolution numerical simulations are contributing to these advances. The ultimate goal of the section is to accelerate research progress at this critical time when society faces multiple challenges: from the need to reduce fossil fuel consumption (and consequent GHG emissions) to improve overall vehicle fuel efficiency (e.g., only 12% of the fuel used in a motor car actually provides momentum), and to meet ever-more stringent pollutant emissions mandates to mitigate environmental issues related to engines and automotive engineering.

Board of Associate Editors:
Steve Ciatti (Argonne National Labs) – CI Engines and Fuels
Ming Jia (Dalian University) – Engine Fuel Chemistry
Bengt Håkan Johansson (Lund University) – Low Temperature Combustion
Evangelos Giakoumis (National Technical University of Athens) - Engine Transient Operation
Song-Charng Kong (Iowa State University) – Biofuels for Engines
Mark Musculus (Sandia National Labs) – Diesel Engine Emissions
James Edgar Parks (Oak Ridge National Labs) – Engine After-treatment Technologies
Raul Payri (Universitat Politècnica de València) - Engine Sprays and Combustion
Jun Qu (Oak Ridge National Labs) – Engine Friction and Wear
Mattias Richter (Lund University) - Engine Combustion Diagnostics
Gregory Shaver (Purdue University) – Engine Controls
Robert Wagner (Oak Ridge National Labs) – Engines and Vehicle Systems
Mingfa Yao (Tianjin University) - Dual Fuel Engines

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A mechanical engineer works with the principles of motion, energy and force. Usually a machine changes one form of movement into another. Mechanical engineers design machines whose parts work in a safe, reliable and efficient way. Mechanical engineers apply scientific method to find the answers to mechanical problems. Many laws and principles developed by scientists are used every day by the mechanical engineer.

Mechanical engineers contribute to many industries and occupations. Some mechanical engineers work in areas not usually thought to require engineering. Efforts to clean up and preserve the earth's environment have drawn many mechanical engineers to projects that deal with the treatment of water, soil and waste material. Mechanical engineers also work with physicians, therapists and other medical professionals to study the workings of the human body and design aids and instruments for mechanic.

Mechanical engineers work in industry, consulting practices, universities and government research. Most mechanical engineers are employed in industry at equipment manufacturers, aerospace companies, utilities, and many other large and small companies. Job responsibilities range from basic research and systems design to power plant operations and quality control.

Mechanical engineers earn good salaries. A starting engineer with a bachelor's degree may earn $40,000 a year. The median salary for an engineer is over $65,000. Earnings depend on experience and training. The government tends to pay its engineers slightly less than the going rate in private industry. Large companies that high mechanical engineers usually offer complete benefit packages. The benefits include health insurance, life insurance, paid sick leave, paid vacations and holidays and travel expenses.

Universities offer 4-year programs in mechanical engineering. Students study advanced math, calculus, chemistry and physics among the core courses. They are also required to learn to use the computer well. Becoming a mechanical engineer requires a lot of hard work and study, but I believe the benefits of pride in your work and the financial rewards would make it a career worth considering.


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