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Parklands College of Education Grade 10 Business Studies 2014 Quarter 1 Task 1 DUE DATE: Friday 7 TH MARCH Email to your teacher please. Part 1 – Business essay When opening a business, entrepreneurs need to look at the Micro Environment. The coordination and communication within the various departments will lead to a well-rounded enterprise. Your essay must look at the following FOUR of the eight business functions; General Management, Marketing (Marketing mix/ 4P’s), Administration and Finance, specific to the business “Coca-Cola”. (40) Details Maximum Subtotal Total Introduction 3 3 45 Max 32 General Management 12 40 Marketing 12 Administration 8 Finance 8 Conclusion 2 2 Layout 2 2 Analysis 2 2 Synthesis 2 2 Originality 2 2 Total marks 40 Use the essay guidelines below to assist you in structuring your essay. There is also an example of an essay provided at the end to assist you. Part 2 – Vision, Mission and objectives You are required to create the VISION, MISSION AND OBJECTIVES of your very own business. You need to give your business a name and a very brief explanation of what the business will be doing. You then need to think of the vision, mission and at least five objectives for your business. (10) Total: 50 Marks A sample essay

Grade 11 End of Year Business Studies Exam Paper

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Grade 11 end of year Business Studies exam paper


1.1 Various options are provided as answers to the following questions.
Select the correct answer and simply write the letter (A – D) in the block provided alongside each question.

1.1.1 Government budgets and allocations to the various sectors forms part of the ...............

A. Fiscal Policy.
B. Monetary Policy.
C. Micro-lending.
D. REPO rate.

1.1.2 Which of the following are the characteristics of the company Urban Brew Ltd:
i. It’s name ends with proprietary limited ii. The liability of shareholders is limited iii. Meeting of shareholders are required iv. The public are invited to buy shares
v. Shares are freely transferable vi. The are 1 – 10 members…show more content…

__________________________________________________________________________ 2.8 A sector consisting of those organisations controlled by government.


2.9 The term used for countries around the world trading with each other and sharing resources.

__________________________________________________________________________ 2.10 Inputs into an organisation such as land, labour, capital and entrepreneurship are known as ..............



QUESTION 3 Indicate whether the following statements are true or false. If false, correct the statement. A statement that is "true" will carry a weighting of ONE mark while an incorrect statement will be TWO marks.

3.1 The Act dealing with the working conditions of employees is known as the Labour Relations Act.

3.2 ‘Inflation rates’ is a factor forming part of the market environment.

3.3 The suggested document of agreement between partners in a partnership is a Memorandum of Incorporation.

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