Hovinen Homework Clip

I am totally amazed by this adorable video. I can’t believe what this deer had just done. In this video, you will see those two hunters out in the forest shooting, and actually, it’s unknown what they are shooting exactly, are they hunting animals or just shooting for fun? Whatever the reason of the shooting was, they noticed something weird; they noticed a deer coming closer towards one of them. As the hunters said, they guessed that this deer may be deaf, because simply she came closer to them without being afraid. What happened is not normal, but the way the deer acted after that was very weird.

When the video was uploaded on YouTube, people had lots of questions about everything, like, what exactly those two hunters were hunting? Are they hunting deer? Or are they just normally shooting? Some viewers said that the deer must be deaf to come that close next to the hunters despite the sounds of shooting, but I think that the deer was courageous enough, she didn’t care, well, I hope that those hunters are just shooting for fun, not hunting animals.

Deer are very beautiful animals which are illegal to keep in home as pets; they have to live in a wide open space. Deer also are perfect in swimming, and they are very fast, their speed can reach about 30 mph. a male deer is called “buck” but the large male are called “stag”, the female deer are called “doe” , and the baby deer is called “fawn”, the group of deer called is “herd”. It’s good to know that the white spots on the deer body is fading every day, the deer is born with those white spots but everyday this white spots decrease.

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