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Case | HBS Case Collection | February 2018

Nykaa.com: A Passion for Beauty

Paul Gompers, Anjali Raina and Rachna Chawla

The experience of being an entrepreneur was a childhood dream for Falguni Nayar. The opportunity to build Nykaa.com, a woman centered business, with a multi brand retail format in the beauty and wellness space, and the fact that she was doing it with her daughter Adwaita ( HBS MBA 2013) made it both exciting and meaningful. Still, she was the founder and with that came control over the most important decisions. While she sought advice from many people, Nykaa, like Adwaita, was her baby. How should she structure the organization and the team to best deliver the results she wanted?

Keywords: Entrepreneurship; Leadership; Organizational Culture; Technology; Human Resources; Brands and Branding; Operations; Marketing; Decision Making;


Gompers, Paul, Anjali Raina, and Rachna Chawla. "Nykaa.com: A Passion for Beauty." Harvard Business School Case 218-049, February 2018.  View Details

Honest Tea (yes its an honest tea company) was set up in 1998 with good values at their heart


Co founder Seth Goldman talks about how and why after 14 years they plan to partner with Coca Cola distribution network

They even publish their original business plan


Founder interviewed on TV a few years around how he quit life as a venture capalist

Like this:



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