A Level Media Coursework Music Video

Creative Filming and Editing Tasks

1)    Filming a person sitting down with the monitor window open and with another camera film the monitor.

2)    Cloning editing task – tripod and camera must remain still in wide shot. Actor is filmed moving in different parts of the shot. Standing by the board, sitting down. 6 different shots. Go to premiere link on how to edit it.

3)    Depth of field task –

·       Do a distance little and large shot so that someone looks very small in the background and another very large.

·       Place an object like a cup or a ball down maybe with grass background - place the camera level with the object quite far away and then zoom into it so the object is sharp but the camera is blurred.

·       Place your artist in the background and add various cut out props to the foreground to float around the artist.

4)   Reverse shot – while the artist is singing get them to walk carefully backwards, but to add excitement to the shot add obstacles for jumping over and ball throwing so it can be reversed.

5)    Wheelchair / Tripod – we are going to simulate tracking and dolly shots. Camera on wheelchair film artist moving towards you singing to camera one take 30 seconds.

Tripod shot – raise the front leg of the tripod so the camera is pushed forward on the back legs.

6)   Lego stop motion – 30 still shots of lego action (one second each)

Premiere editing techniques to practise

-         Cloning shots -

-         Split screen

-         Blurred background

-         Make someone colour and the rest black and white

-         Glow effect titles

Cloning Shots   using cropping or linear wipe tools

Split screen


How to make background black and white and artist colour


Blending two videos to get a fantasy effect


There are hundreds of how to channels on youtube but I really like these easy quick instruction videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC46antF70V5qEFoW8xbGnoA

Stop motion lego task


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