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The Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) is "an English language test designed specifically to measure the everyday English skills of people working in an international environment."

There are different forms of the exam: The TOEIC Listening & Reading Test consists of two equally graded tests of comprehension assessment activities totaling a possible 990 score; There are also the TOEIC Speaking and Writing Tests. The TOEIC speaking test is composed of tasks that assess pronunciation, intonation and stress, vocabulary, grammar, cohesion, relevance of content and completeness of content. The TOEIC Writing test is composed of tasks that assess grammar, relevance of sentences to the pictures, quality and variety of sentences, vocabulary, organization, and whether the opinion is supported with reason and/or examples. Both assessments use a score scale of 0 - 200. [1]

TOEIC Listening & Reading Test[edit]

The TOEIC Listening & Reading Test lasts two hours [45 minutes for Listening, and 75 minutes for Reading]. It consists of 200 multiple-choice items evenly divided between the listening and reading comprehension section. Each candidate receives independent scores for listening and reading comprehension on a scale from 5 to 495 points. The total score adds up to a scale from 10 to 990 points. The TOEIC certificate exists in five colors, corresponding to achieved results:[2]

  •    orange (10–219)
  •    brown (220–469)
  •    green (470–729)
  •    blue (730–859)
  •    gold (860–990)

TOEIC test certificates are optional, unofficial documents that are meant for display only.

TOEIC Speaking & Writing Test[edit]

The TOEIC Speaking & Writing Tests were introduced in 2006. Test takers receive separate scores for each of the two tests, or they can take the Speaking test without taking the Writing test and vice versa. The Speaking test assesses pronunciation, intonation and stress, vocabulary, grammar, cohesion, relevance of content and completeness of content, while the Writing test assess grammar, relevance of sentences to the pictures, quality and variety of sentences, vocabulary, organization, and whether the opinion is supported with reason and/or examples. The tests are designed to reflect actual English usage in the workplace, though they do not require any knowledge of specialized business terms. The TOEIC Speaking Test takes approximately 20 minutes to complete; the TOEIC writing test lasts approximately 60 minutes. Each test has a score range between 0-200, with test takers grouped into eight proficiency levels for Speaking and nine proficiency levels for Writing. [3]

Institutional TOEIC Test[edit]

In addition to the public testing program, there are also versions that individual businesses and educational institutions can purchase for internal use. These "Institutional" TOEIC tests can be administered at the organization's own choice of location and time to its employees or students.


The US-based Educational Testing Service (ETS) developed the TOEIC test to measure achievement in using English in a business setting. Yasuo Kitaoka was the central figure of the Japanese team that conceived the basic idea of the TOEIC test.

According to an Aug. 11, 2009 Japan Times article, "In the 1970s, Kitaoka began negotiating with ETS to create a new test of English communication for use in Japan. ETS responded that it required a nonprofit organization to work with as their partner. Kitaoka tried to enlist the help of the Ministry of Education, but their bureaucrats did not see the need for a new test to compete with the STEP Eiken, an English test already backed by the ministry. To overcome this opposition, Kitaoka received help from his friend, Yaeji Watanabe. Watanabe's influence as a retired high-ranking bureaucrat from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (renamed the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, or METI) proved crucial to TOEIC's establishment.

Watanabe had remained in contact with his old ministry while working on the board of directors for the World Economic Information Services (WEIS) and as chairman of the Japan-China Economic Association, both public-interest corporations operating under MITI. Watanabe declined an interview request, but his memoirs describe how he overcame Ministry of Education opposition to the TOEIC by taking cover "behind the ministry of trade shield." Watanabe convinced his old ministry it should play the lead role in establishing a new English test, and formed a TOEIC Steering Committee under the WEIS umbrella. Members of the committee included other retired MITI bureaucrats and influential business leaders.

Government support secured, ETS began developing the test in 1977. In 1979, English learners in Japan filled in the first of many TOEIC multiple-choice answer forms."[4]

ETS's major competitors are Cambridge University, which administers the IELTS, FCE, CAE, and CPE and Trinity College London, which administers GESE and ISE exams.

2006 Redesigned TOEIC tests[edit]

A new version of the TOEIC Listening & Reading test was released in 2006. The changes can be summarized as follows:

  • Overall, passages are longer.
  • Part 1 has fewer questions involving photograph descriptions.
  • The Listening Section hires speakers of English from Britain, Australia, New Zealand and North America, and uses an equal distribution of the dialects.[5] However, all the voice actors for the audio sections have lived in the United States for an extended period.[citation needed]
  • Part 6 no longer contains an error-spotting task, criticized as unrealistic in a corporate environment, instead adopting the use of a task wherein the test taker fills in blanks in incomplete sentences.
  • Part 7 contains not only single-passage questions but also double-passage questions wherein the test taker reads and compares the two related passages, such as an e-mail correspondence.

According to a survey conducted in 2006 by the Institute for International Business Communication (財団法人 国際ビジネスコミュニケーション協会,Zaidanhōjin Kokusai Bijinesu Komyunikēshon Kyōkai), 56.8% of the respondents who took both the older and the revised versions of the TOEIC test in Japan find the latter version more difficult.[6] The lower the score the test taker achieves, the more marked this tendency becomes. As many as 85.6% of those who earned scores ranging from 10 to 395 points find the revised TOEIC test more difficult, while 69.9% of those who earned 400 to 495 points think this way, as do 59.3% of those who earned 500 to 595 points. Among those who achieved 600 to 695 points 58.9% agree with these findings. 700 to 795 points 48.6%, 800 to 895 points 47.9%, and 900 to 990 points 39.8%.

2006 also saw the addition of TOEIC Speaking & Writing tests. In 2007 there were additional changes to the TOEIC Reading & Listening test that decreased emphasis on knowledge of grammatical rules.

How the TOEIC Listening and Reading test is scored

Scores on the TOEIC Listening and Reading test are determined by the number of correct answers. The number of correct responses on each section is converted to a scaled score. Three TOEIC Listening and Reading scaled scores are given for each examinee:

  • οne for the Listening Section
  • οne for the Reading Section
  • οne Total Score that consists of the sum of the Listening Section and Reading Section sub-scores.

Each sub-score can range from 5 to 495 points. The Total Score ranges from 10 to 990. There is no negative scoring. The Total Score consists of the sum of the Listening Section and Reading Section sub-scores.

In 2016, the TOEIC system changed for the first time in 10 years. ETS said that the changes to the TOEIC would reflect the use of online communication in modern society.[7]

In Japan and South Korea, a new version of TOEIC was created that includes chart comprehension questions.[8]

TOEIC in Japan[edit]

The Institute for International Business Communication (財団法人国際ビジネスコミュニケーション協会,Zaidanhōjin Kokusai Bijinesu Komyunikēshon Kyōkai) operates the TOEIC test in Japan, where nearly 2.4 million people (as of 2014[9]) take the test; 1.3M for institutional program (IP) and 1.1M for secure program (SP).

There are two ways to take the TOEIC test properly. One is called the TOEIC SP Test (Secure Program Test; 公開テスト,Kōkai Tesuto), in which one can take the test individually or in a group on specified dates at a test centre specified by the TOEIC Steering Committee. The other is the TOEIC Institutional Program (IP) Test (団体特別受験制度,Dantai Tokubetsu Juken Seido), in which an organization can choose the date and administer the test at its convenience in accordance with the TOEIC Steering Committee. The TOEIC SP Test was renewed on May 2006, followed by the TOEIC IP Test in April 2007 in line so that it would be with the SP Test.

More and more companies use TOEIC scores for personnel assessment instead of the homegrown STEP Eiken test organized by the Society for Testing English Proficiency (STEP) (日本英語検定協会主催実用英語技能検定試験「英検」,Nihon Eigo Kentei Kyōkai Shusai Jitsuyō Eigo Ginō Kentei Shiken "Eiken"). The TOEIC Speaking Test/Writing Test started on January 21, 2007 in addition to the TOEIC SP Test and the TOEIC IP Test.


The Institute for International Business Communication (IIBC), the non-profit organization that administers the TOEIC in Japan, was the subject of a scandal in 2009.

In May and June 2009, articles in the Japanese weekly magazine FRIDAY accused the IIBC’s 92-year-old chairman Yaeji Watanabe of nepotism when he appointed the son of his girlfriend to the position of chairman of the IIBC Board of Directors. To force the appointment, half of the volunteers serving on the Board were driven out by Watanabe. The magazine article also questioned why Watanabe only showed up for work about one day a week.

In his defense, Watanabe claimed that he held a ceremonial title and was chairman in name only. As a result, Watanabe claimed that he had little to do with the decision to appoint the son of his girlfriend to the position. The magazine article concluded by asking why someone who is chairman only in name and only working one day a week should receive an annual salary in excess of 25 million yen.

In August 2009, the online version of the English-language newspaper The Japan Times published a two-part series examining the TOEIC’s origins and early history as well as the use of test-taker fees by the IIBC on the internet. The August 18 article examined the questionable uses of test fees, including a fivefold increase in utility expenses in one year, 13 million spent annually on research about adapting to Chinese culture, sponsorship of poetry readings by the Chinese Poetry Recitation Association, and membership fees to join the Beautiful Aging Association, for which Watanabe happened to be chairman.

The article also questioned the relationship between the IIBC and its for-profit partner International Communications School with which it shared office space. International Communications School is responsible for selling the TOEIC Institutional Program Test given by companies and schools; publishes IIBC-approved TOEIC preparation textbooks; and administers the TOEIC Japanese language website. One of International Communications School's subsidiaries is E-Communications, which administers the TOEIC’s online application system and provides online TOEIC study materials.

In 2009, Watanabe suddenly resigned from the IIBC, leaving the son of his girlfriend in charge of the non-profit. Watanabe received a 25 million yen retirement payment.

The IIBC lowered the price of the TOEIC Secure Program Test from 6,615 yen to 5,985 yen starting with the September 13, 2009 test. The price had to be lowered due to pressure from the Ministry of Trade, which instructed the IIBC to reduce the profits being generated by the test.[10]

In July 2010, the Tokyo Tax Bureau announced that International Communications School, IIBC's for-profit partner, hid 100 million yen in income and had to pay 30 million yen in back taxes and fines.[11]

TOEIC in South Korea[edit]

Toward the end of 2005, there was a shift in South Korea, regarded as the second biggest consumer of TOEIC per capita.[12] However, a person's TOEIC score is still a major factor in hiring persons for most professional jobs in South Korea. Starting in 2011, Korean universities will no longer be allowed to use TOEIC and TOEFL scores as part of the admission process. However, many Universities in Korea still require a minimum score of 900.[13] This is apparently to discourage private English education (there are many private institutions that teach TOEIC-based classes). Another English proficiency test, TEPS (developed by Seoul National University, Chosun Ilbo), has been developed and may replace the status of TOEIC.

TOEIC in Europe[edit]

In France, some Grandes écoles require a TOEIC score of at least 785 to award the diploma. This policy has been criticized, as it makes state-awarded diplomas dependent on a private institution—despite the fact that it was not the private institution that set the 785 mark but a recommendation from the Commission des titres d'ingénieur indicating a B2+ level on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Students that cannot achieve a 785 mark are offered to validate their diploma by other means in most of the schools. Some institutions delay the diploma for 1 year after the end of the studies in that case.

In Greece, TOEIC is accepted by Salaxantim for Personnel Selection|ASEP]], the organisation responsible for hiring new employees to work for the government. It is administrated by the Hellenic American Union and it is offered weekly in most major cities in Greece.

In Italy, TOEIC is often used by universities as an exam to pass degree level qualifications. All universities require that students pass an English examination to be allowed to partake in degree courses and to receive diplomas. A TOEIC score of 450 is usually required to complete 3 years of study and a score of 600 is usually required to obtain the diploma. Many universities allow alternative qualifications to the TOEIC, such as the Cambridge certificate and TOEFL tests. Most universities do not offer either language preparation or language tests, requiring students to seek external preparation and examination for a requirement enforced by the department of education for all degrees. In order to access master's degree courses, students have to obtain a score of 720 or more.

TOEIC in the United Kingdom[edit]

The TOEIC was a Home Office accredited test for students applying for a UK visa.[when?]

In 2014 an undercover investigation by the BBC program Panorama exposed systematic cheating and fraud by a number of organisations and individuals involved in running the test. Cheating was found to take place at Eden College International in London, where freelance invigilators used to conduct the exam. The college claimed no prior knowledge of the cheating, and had previously sacked three invigilators. ETS stated out it does not hire the invigilators and that it does everything it can to prevent cheating.[14][15]

On 17 April 2014, ETS decided not to renew its licence as a provider of a Secure English Language Test (SELT).[16] This means that these English language tests are no longer honoured for the purpose of being issued a UK visa.

In June 2014, the Home Office undertook its own investigation and claimed to have found 46,000 “invalid and questionable” tests. It suspended the TOEIC exam as being valid for entry to the UK.[17] It also cancelled the visas of around 45,000 students, seventy percent of which of were Indian. Some left voluntarily with the majority being deported.[18]

In March 2016, a tribunal ruled that the evidence the Home Office used to deport the students was not strong enough.[19][20]

TOEIC in the United States[edit]

Both the TOEIC Listening & Reading and the TOEIC Speaking & Writing tests are now available in the United States. While the TOEIC Listening & Reading test has been available for decades, the TOEIC Speaking & Writing test was introduced in the United States only in 2009. Registration for the TOEIC Speaking & Writing test is handled by the English4Success division of the nonprofit organization Amideast.

TOEIC in Thailand[edit]

The Center for Professional Assessment offers regular institutional testing every Monday through Saturday at 9:00AM and 1:00PM (local time). The TOEIC test is a two-hour multiple-choice test that consists of 200 questions divided into 100 questions each in listening comprehension and reading comprehension. Each candidate receives independent marks for written and oral comprehension on a scale from 5 to 495 points. The total score adds up to a scale from 10 to 990 points.[21]

TOEIC Bridge Test[edit]

ETS also administers another version of the TOEIC test called TOEIC Bridge. The TOEIC Bridge test targets beginning and intermediate learners and consists of 100 multiple-choice questions, requiring about one hour of testing time. [22]

TOEIC Bridge in Chile[edit]

The TOEIC Bridge was used in Chile as part of the 2010 SIMCE test.

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  • McCrostie, James, "TOEIC no turkey at 30", Japan Times, August 11, 2009.
  • McCrostie, James, "TOEIC: Where does the money go?", Japan Times, August 18, 2009.

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I am currently an International Business student in my 4th year of college. With my iPod Shuffle I will be able to listen to my iTunes music while going to school or when I'm travelling again. I find the TestDEN TOEIC test very useful. It is an excellent way of keeping track of my reading and listening skills in business English, especially considering you can take the test three times. Thanks a lot for providing these tests, considering that I am a business student it is very valuable for me.

On in New Zealand
I am about to start my undergraduate studies at Nagoya University in Japan. As for the IPod Shuffle, I would most likely give it to my younger brother, who misplaced his IPod shuffle in the plane 3 months ago. Taking the TOEIC test was a new experience for me and I found it very challenging. I have taken the TOEFL previously but found the TOEIC a lot harder. While the TOEIC was a lot more challenging, I thought it was realistic because in the real world, we can't get people to repeat themselves all the time just because we couldn't hear them the first time. When I go to Japan, I hope to be able to tutor Business English and would love to use the experience I gain from taking the TOEIC test.

Nguyen in France
I am a housewife. I will use the iPod to store some English listening exercises in that iPod and practice them everyday at home. I think TOEIC test is a useful way for a company to measure its employees' English levels. It is also very practical since it involves almost all the normal international business activities. Thank you Testden for providing me such helpful TOEIC practice tests.

Therese in Philippines
I am currently a student of Secondary Education, major in English at a local university. I will fill the iPod with songs, and possibly, podcasts as recommended by my teachers, for English lessons. The Toeic test from Testden was an effective way for me to check on the English skills I have learned so far. It really taught me to use my listening and reading skills well.

Henok in Philippines
I am a part-time math teacher. I will most probably use my iPod to listen to religious music at home or while traveling. I think the online TOEIC test is a bit challenging yet very interesting. The listening section exposes students to different accents of the English language. The test not only helped me practice the language but also gave me a glimpse of the different perspectives in the business world. I will take more practice tests as I aim for a better score. Thank you for this program you have created.

Hong in Vietnam
I'm a teacher of Home Economy at a high school. Thank you very much for choosing me as the receiver of an Ipod. I first knew TOEIC when I was asked to take the test for my career advancement. At that time, my score was low and I've tried with TOEIC Preparation classes for nearly 2 years now. I've improved my English since then but I'm still not very confident to retake the test. The first thing I wish to share is that although TOEIC doesn't test speaking and writing, but when mastering part 1 and 2 in listening, my speaking and even writing skills go up too. So, you should try with as many questions as possible, finding them on the learning websites like Testden. All my improvement above, I have the test to thank, since because of the motivation to pass the test, I actively practice my English.

Wojciech in Poland
I work in advertising and I'm sure the iPod will come in handy on many business trips. Regarding the TOEIC, I think that it is the best globally accepted English proficiency test. I have had some experience with the British proficiency tests and I think TOEIC is much better practically oriented. Thank you.

Yarui in France
I am currently a student. I have never used iPod before but I guess that it will be very nice to use it for learning languages and listening to music on the way to school. The TOEIC simulation test on Testden is very pratical. It gives candidates a good feeling of what a real TOEIC test looks like. TOEIC is not a difficult test but it is also not easy to shoot a full score. In my opinion, the mini-tests on Testden can help a candidate to eliminate those habitual linguistic errors and enable him/her to improve English from very good or excellent to perfect.

Larissa in Brazil
I'm a consultant at an audit firm. I'm gonna listen to my iPod every day while I jog at the park! In my company, it's mandatory for employees to take the TOEIC exam and a high score in the exam results in an increase in our monthly wage. I'm taking the TOEIC exam in two weeks time and I believe TestDEN's practice tests will provide me enough confidence to do my best at the real exam!

Veronica in Japan
I am currently an international graduate student at a Japanese university. One of my hobbies is to listen to music in English and then try to memorize the lyrics in order to practice my listening skills. The iPod will come handy for this! I came across the TestDEN website while I was searching to practice for the TOEIC exam. TOEIC exam is an useful tool to measure our English abilities and it is widely accepted here in Japan as part of the application to universities and different types of jobs. I feel confident that after practicing on the webpage, my results from the actual TOEIC will be similar to those provided by TestDEN.

Alfredo from Korea
I am engineer in electronics working for a Korean company of industrial systems. I will load my iPod Shuffle with good music and listen it every day on my way to work. I think the TOEIC test is one of the best ways to prove to the companies that you are prepared to deal in the international business world. The TOEIC test opens many doors and good professional oportunities for your future. TestDEN is an excellent web site that was really helpful on my study and practice for TOEIC.

Fernando from Mexico
I am Program Manager for an automotive company. I love running, so I'd listen to my ipod everywhere I go work out: sports club, park, even the street. I feel very good and confident when I take this test. Recently I've gotten good scores at this test, since I get to practice a lot at work. The TOEIC test is a great mechanism to determine English knowledge level for those whose have a different mother language.

Luis from Texas, USA
I'm a graduate student. I will listen the iPod shuffle while I workout. I think the TOEIC test is a very useful tool that allows schools and companies to rate the english levels of their students/employees.

Benito from USA
I'm in sales and customer service of an automotive company. The iPod shuffle I will using in my car! I felt really good, I liked the way the TOEIC test was prepared since it covers a lot of things. After I took it and saw the results I felt more confident of myself.

Nafesa from Malaysia
I'm an udergraduate student. I'll get some useful English lesson from the podcast and save it in the playlist. I'll be using the iPod everywhere whenever there's free time. I came across the TOEIC test from TestDEN when I was busy searching for it the other day. I am suppose to sit for the TOEIC test as a requirement for my scholarship application this April. I was happy to get to know how the questions were like and the difficulty level as that was my first time taking a proper English test. I found it very challenging as it was not as easy as the MUET (our English test in Malaysia). I really appreciate TestDEN's TOEIC Test as I could know how far is my English language ability is.

Ai from Japan
I'm currently a student. I will use the iPod to listen to audiobooks and music around the house and out traveling. I'm very happy I won it. The TestDEN TOEIC practice test helped me prepare for the real TOEIC. They were very similar and I was able to do my best at the real thing. I'm still waiting for the score report but I'm sure the practice test helped me get a higher score. Thank you very much!

Nadege from France
My name is Nadege, I am a student in an Engineering school. I will use my iPod Shuffle in public transports or when I have to walk and I'm alone. I feel really good about the TOEIC test. Thanks to I obtained the grade of 945. I'm really confident in listening and reading now.

Edouard from France
My name is Edouard, I am a student in a business school. I will listen to this iPod Shuffle in the subway and while walking. The TOEIC test at Testden was very helpful, since then I passed the real one and theses tests helped me a lot.

Jiahui from China
I've just finished my master's course and job hunting becomes my priority. One of the companies I applied for require applicants to take the TOEIC test. I made sufficient preparation by doing practice tests at TestDEN and achieved a high mark in the real test. Generally, I think TOEIC is well designed to test one's English skills, especially Business English. For the iPod Shuffle, I will use it to listen to some pop music in my leisure time and relax myself. I can also listen to some English materials. Thank you again for your gift!

Zain from Pakistan
I'm a 4th year medical student at The Aga Khan University Hospital in Karachi. The iPod shuffle will be a welcome addition to my hectic life. I'll use it to download music and I plan to listen to it while I work out at the gym and during my spare time. The TOEIC mini tests are an excellent learning resource. They're very similar to the real test and provide a useful and accurate idea of what to expect in the actual exam. They've helped my preparation tremendously and provided valuable practice. I hope to take the TOEFL exam soon and the TOEIC tests have really helped with my confidence. Two thumbs up!

Anh from Vietnam
I'm a marketing analyst. I will use the iPod Shuffle at home to listen to music in my free time and when I'm traveling. I took the TOEIC test a few days ago and I think I did quite well, part of which was because I had prepared myself by doing practice tests at TestDEN. These practice tests were very similar to the real test and they no doubt boosted my confidence.

Thomas from United States
I am a Registered Nurse and only arrived in the US from Germany 5 months ago. To be able to work as a nurse in the US I have to go through a testing program (including an English exam) and pass a national licensing examination. I chose the TOEIC because I have to use English in a working situation. The TestDEN TOEIC practice tests are challenging and the closest match to the real TOEIC test. It really helped me to prepare. I even go so far as to say that if you do well on the TestDEN TOEIC practice tests you'll pass the real TOEIC. I needed a score of 725 and to my surprise I achieved a score of 955.

V�ronique from France
I am a student in computing and I live in France, near Paris. With the iPod, I'll download podcasts and music to listen in the subway and everywhere else. I would like to thank you for your tests. They are really the best I have tried. They are similar to the real TOEIC test I passed one week ago. I've just received my score report: 940! (I was only expecting 750...) I'm very very glad to you: I owe you this success.

Nicolas from France
I'm currently a student in economics. I would use this iPod everyday when using the subway as I'm spending more than an hour a day in public transport. Finally, I'm satisfied by the TOEIC because it represented for me a good opportunity to test my english level and as i've obtained a good score it should give me some real opportunities to integrate high demanding business schools requesting a minimum average. Moreover I've found this test very professional and there is no doubt That I will do it again in 2 years after my graduate in order to work abroad.

Rachel from Ontario
I am a high school student. Upon the receipt of my iPod Shuffle, I'll download news and favorite musics of my own and listen to it where ever I go. Especially when I'm travelling.

I felt that the TOEIC test that provided was a little challenging. The test was very similar to the real TOEIC test and I thought that it would be excellent practice. I'm planning on taking the TOEFL test soon, and will be my way of preparing for the TOEFL test. I'm grateful for such a great oppurtunity. Thank you!

Juan from Spain
I'm very happy to have won the iPod. The reason why I looked for these practice exams was that I will develop my end-of-studies project in Iberia, where they want you to take the TOEIC exam before starting working. TestDen has come in handy both for having helped me to get a great score and for the iPod that will make nicer my way to work in the Madrid metro.

Nataly from Chile

Mattel from Malaysia
I'm currently working as a production supervisor. I will probably using iPod while I'm traveling and on my way to work. I love music! Business English is a must as nowadays we are dealing with customers all around the world. Well, TestDEN TOEIC test had ensured me that I'm on the right path while preparing for the test. Overall, it really helps me to prepare myself for the real test. Thank you!

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