A Person Who Has Changed Your Life Essay

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The moment that changed my life.

This essay is based on an event that changed my life forever. It is a passage that is mixed with feelings and emotions. This experience gave my life a purpose and a sense of direction. It allowed me to grow from a boy to a man in just one day.
It was a cold, rainy winter morning in Liverpool. I had gone about my morning no different than any other working day. By 6:30AM I was showered, dressed, and full from my huge bowl of cereal. This gave me fifteen minutes to watch the latest news before I left to arrive at work for 7AM. It was 9.15AM when my cell phone began to ring; it was a call from my mother. I could tell by the quick, anxious, but bold and loud tone her voice that this was not going to be a…show more content…

He was surrounded by doctors and nurses, and reality began to take its toll. The closer I got, the slower I moved forward, scared of taking the next step. I was eventually pulled to a stop by the nurse and was escorted to the waiting room. I asked question after question, each answer had the same reply “the doctor will be in to explain shortly.” The waiting room was cold and lifeless. The walls were littered with thank you cards and letters of praise from past patience. This gave me some hope that my father was in good hands. Minutes seemed like hours until the doctor entered. Before he had both feet in the room, my mother began to scream for explanations. “Take a seat” Then every sentence that a son and wife fears to hear. “Your father is in critical condition, he has no longer than a couple of hours to live.” A cold chill of death sent shivers down my spine. Keeping myself from exploding into tears, I began ensuring my mother and younger brother that everything would be fine, by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. The time came when the doctors called us to see him; with no hesitation I jumped up and charged to his bed. There he was, lying helplessly. I reached for his hand and grabbed it, letting him know he wasn’t alone. I begged him to fight for his life; I knew he could hear me as he acknowledged my voice with a small nod. If there was one thing I learned from my father, it was to never give

The Event That Changed My Life Essay

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There have been very few events throughout my lifetime that I feel have impacted or inspired me with such noteworthiness and that I know will change my outlook on the world and affect me forever. One of those events occurred when I traveled to Portugal, my parent’s homeland. From this excursion in 2007, I learned the importance of family, most importantly the distant kind. It provided me with a totally different perspective on the world and how large and extended one’s family can really be; even across cultures and continents. I felt so fortunate learning this lesson at a young age and growing to appreciate the ideals I was brought up with as a child. The family I have in Portugal has always been there; however, their faces have aged and…show more content…

Since the town I was in was in a very rural area of the country, on the northern most point, near the border of Spain, whatever meats, fruits and vegetables I ate were freshly grown or raised on local farms. I had a first-hand experience with this when I went to my grandmother’s very old friend’s house. While I was there, I saw my first freshly prepared chicken with the head, feathers,and feet removed in front of my eyes. Even though this seemed like a gory and almost disgusting thing to me at the time, I later found out, in the film Food Inc., that the ways animals are treated in this country are much worse than what I saw that day. Nonetheless, the freshness of ingredients in any cooking is always a plus, and this made better by being at the table with my family and friends. From having spent these few hours with my relatives in Portugal, I was able to come away knowing great tasting food and beautiful, and at times gory, memories. Quite honestly, I’ve never had better tasting chicken. The Portuguese culture, which I had already grown up with in the U.S., was a main part of the trip in and of itself. The magnificent architecture that I saw there, even though it was decaying with time, was very symbolic of the Portuguese heritage. For example, on many red clay terracotta roof tops there resided cupolas, and on those cupolas was the famed Gallo do Barcelos (English equivalent – Rooster of Barcelos), which

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