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Child labour is the act of employing and engaging children in the economic activities like in the exploitative industry, illegal business, etc on part-time or full-time basis.

Essay on Child Labour

Child labour is a big social issue in our country as well as abroad which everyone must be aware of. Let your kids and children know what is child labour, its causes and what prevention measures are. These child labour essay are written in very simple words especially for the use of children and students going to school. By using such essay on Child Labour, students can easily win the essay writing competition because all are written in very easy English language.

Child Labour Essay 1 (100 words)

Child labour is the service paid by the children in their childhood in any field of work. This is done by the child own due to the lack of resources for the life survival, irresponsibility of the parents or forcefully by the owner for increasing their return on investment at low investment. It does not matter the cause of child labour as all the causes force children to live their life without childhood. Childhood is the great and happiest period of the lives of everyone during which one learns about the basic strategy of the life from parents, loved ones and nature. Child labour interferes with the proper growth and development of the children in all aspects like mentally, physically, socially and intellectually.

Child Labour Essay 2 (150 words)

Child labour is the full work taken by the children in any field of work. It is a forceful act either by the parents, bad events or owners. Childhood is the birth rights of everyone which he/she must live under the love and care of their parents however this illegal act of child labour forces a child to live life like elder. It causes lack of many important things in the life of child like improper physical growth and development, inappropriate development of the mind, socially and intellectually unhealthy.

Child labour keeps a child away from all the benefits of the childhood, a happiest and memorable period of the life of everyone. It interferes with the ability of attending regular school which makes them socially dangerous and harmful citizen of the country. This illegal activity of the child labour is increasing day by day even after lots of the rules and regulations against this by the government to completely prohibit the act of child labour.

Child Labour Essay 3 (200 words)

Child labour has become a biggest social issue in India which needs to be solved on regular basis. It is not the responsibility of the government only, it should be solved and taken care by all the parents, owners and other social organizations. It is the issue of everyone which should be solved personally as it can be happened with the child of any person.

In many developing countries child labour is very common because of the existence of high level of poverty and poor schooling opportunities for the children. The highest incidence rate of the child labour is still more than 50 percent in which children of age group 5 to 14 are working in the developing country. The rate of child labour is high in the agriculture field which is mostly found in the rural and informal urban economy where most of the children are predominantly employed into the agriculture work by their own parents instead of sending them to the school and free them to play with friends.

The issue of the child labour has now been an international concern as it highly involved in inhibiting the growth and development of the country. Healthy children are the bright future and power of any country thus child labour is damaging, spoiling and destroying the future of the children and finally the country.


Child Labour Essay 4 (250 words)

Child labour is the crime to humanity which has become a curse to the society and big issue preventing the country growth and development. Childhood is the most memorable period of the life which everyone has right to live from birth. Children have full rights to play with friends, go to school, feel the love and care of parents and touch beauty of the nature. However, just because of the improper understandings of the people (parents, owners, etc), children are forced to live life of the elder. They are forced to arrange all the resources for life survival in their childhood.

Parents want to make them very responsible towards their family in the early childhood of their kids. They do not understand that their kids need love and care, they need proper schooling and play with friends to grow properly. Such parents understand that their kids are the only property of them, they can use them as they want. But really, every parents need to understand that they have some responsibility towards their country too. They need to make their kids healthy in every aspect to make the future of the country bright.

Parents should take all the responsibility of the family by own and let their kids to live their childhood with lots of love and care. The main causes of the child labour all over the world are poverty, parents, society, low salary, joblessness, poor living standard and understanding, social injustice, lack of schools, backwardness, ineffective laws which are directly affecting the development of the country.

Child Labour Essay 5 (300 words)

Child labour involves the regular working of children in their childhood at very young age from five to fourteen years. Children in many developing countries are forced to work hard for full day against their will at very low pay for their survival. They want to go school, play with their friends and need love and care by their parent like other children living in rich houses. But unfortunately, they are forced to do something against their will.

In developing countries, the rate of the child labour is high because of the poverty, low level awareness for education and poor schooling opportunities. Most of the children of age group 5 to 14 are found to be involved in the agriculture by their parents in the rural areas. Poverty and lack of schools are the primary reasons of child labour in any developing country all across the world.

Childhood is considered as the happiest and vital experience in the life of everyone as childhood is the most important and friendly period of learning. Children have full rights to get proper attention from their parents, love and care from their parents, proper schooling, guidance, playing with friends and other happiful moments. Child labour is corrupting the lives of many precious children every day. It is the high level of illegal act for which one should be punished but because of the ineffective rules and regulations it is going side by side.

Nothing effective is happening to prevent the child labour from society as quickly as possible. Children are too young, cute and innocent to realize the things happening to them in the early age. They are unable to recognise that what is wrong and illegal for them instead they become happy getting small money for their work. Unknowingly they become interested in the getting money on daily basis and ruining their whole life and future.


Child Labour Essay 6 (400 words)

Children are conserved as the most important asset of their country however improper understanding of the parents and poverty making them the reason for the weakness of the country instead of being the power of the country. Most of the children under poverty line are forced to do the child labour daily even after the lots of awareness program run by the government and future welfare of society towards the welfare of the child.

Children are the new flower with powerful fragrance of any nation however some people are declining the power and destroying the future of the country just for earning small money by illegally involving the growing kids. They are playing with the moral of the innocent people and their kids. Protecting children from the child labour is the responsibility of each and every citizen living in the country. Child labour is the socio-economic issue which is coming from long ago and now need to be solved on ultimate basis.

After the independence of the country, various laws and regulations has been implemented regarding the child labour however it did not found its end in the country. Child labour ruining the innocence of the kids by directly destroying their health physically, mentally, socially and intellectually. Children are the lovely creation of the nature but it is not fair that due to some bad circumstances they are forced to do hard labour before their appropriate age.

Child labour is the global issue which is more common in the underdeveloped countries. Poor parents or parents under poverty line are unable to afford the education expenses of their kids and they own unable to earn enough money for the family survival. So, they better choose to involve their kids in hard work to fulfil their needs instead of sending them to school. They understand that schooling is a waste of time and earning money in early age is good for their family. It is the urgent need to aware the poor people as well as rich people (to not use asset of country in wrong way) about the bad effects of the child labour. They must be availed with all the resources which they lack. It should be done by the end of everyone. Rich people should help the poor people so that their children too can get all the required things in childhood. It needs some effective rules and regulations by the government to completely end its roots forever.


Child Labour Essay 7 (1000 words)

What is Child Labour
Child labour is a type crime in which children are forced to work in their very early age and perform the responsibilities just like adults by taking part in the economic activities. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), there is an age limit applied to the children that children up to age fifteen will not involve in any type of work forcefully. It is an employment of the children in any type of work which makes children deprived of childhood, proper education, physical, mental and social well being. It is completely forbidden in some countries however has been an international concern in most of the countries as it is destroying the future of children to a great extent.

It is a serious matter (a big social problem) in most of the developing countries. Small age group children are being involved in the child labor hugely by the people of high status. They are avoiding the fact that children are the big hope and future of the nation. Millions of children have been deprived of the childhood and proper education in our country which is a dangerous sign. Such children do not get the chance of living a healthy life as they are not satisfied physically, mentally and socially from their childhood.

According to the Indian law, children below the age of 14 years cannot be employed to any type of work forcefully whether by the parents or owner in a factories, offices or restaurants. It is a common practice in India as well as other developing countries in a small scale industry, domestic aid, restaurant service, stone breaking, shopkeeper’s assistant, every house-hold industry, book binding, etc.

What are the Causes of Child Labour
There are various reasons of child labor in our country. Some of the causes of global child labor are similar however differ country to country. Most common reasons are like poverty, repression of child rights, improper education, limited rules and laws on child labor, etc. Following are some important points regarding causes of child labour:

  • Poverty and high level of unemployment in the developing countries are the main reason of child labor.
  • According to the U.N. statistics of 2005, more than 1/4th of people worldwide are living in extreme poverty.
  • Lack of access to the regular education in many countries. It was found in 2006 that around 75 million children were away from the school life.
  • Violating laws regarding child labour give the way to increased child labor in any developing country.
  • Inadequate social control gives rise to the child labor in the agriculture or domestic work.
  • Limited child or workers’ rights which affect labor standards and living standards to a great extent in order to eliminate child labor.
  • Small children get involved in the child labor in order to increase income of their family to manage two times food.
  • They are hired by the industries to get more work at reduced labor cost.

What are the Solutions to Child Labour
In order to eliminate the social issue of child labor, there is need to follow some effective solutions on urgent basis to save the future of any developing country. Following are some solutions to prevent child labor:

  • Creating more unions may help in preventing the child labor as it will encourage more people to help against child labor.
  • All the children should be given first priority by their parents to take proper and regular education from their early childhood. This step needs much cooperation by the parents as well as schools to free children for education and take admission of children from all walks of life respectively.
  • Child labour needs high level social awareness with the proper statistics of huge loss in the future for any developing country.
  • Every family must earn their minimum income in order to survive and prevent child labour. It will reduce the level of poverty and thus child labour.
  • Family control will also help in controlling the child labour by reducing the families burden of child care and education.
  • There is need of more effective and strict government laws against child labour in order to prevent children from working in their little age.
  • Child trafficking should be completely abolished by the governments of all countries.
  • Child workers should be replaced by the adult workers as almost 800 million adults are unemployed in this world. In this way adult will get job and children will be free from child labour.
  • Employment opportunities should be increased for adults in order to overcome problem of poverty and child labor.
  • Business owners of factories, industries, mines, etc should take the pledge of not involving children in any type of labour.

Child Labour as a Crime
Child labour is still practiced in many countries even after being a big crime. Business owners of the industries, mines, factories, etc are using child labour at great level in order to get more work at low labour cost. Poor children are more prone to be involved in the child labour as they are forced by parents to earn some money to give economic help to their family in the very young age (too young to realize their responsibilities towards family) instead of getting proper education and play with friends in childhood.

Child labour is a big social problem which needs to be solved on urgent basis by the support of both, people (especially parents and teachers) and government. Children are very little however they carry a prosperous future of any developing country. So, they are the big responsibility of all the adult citizens and should not be used in negative ways. They should get proper chance to develop and grow within the happy environment of family and school. They should not be limited by the parents only to maintain the economical balance of the family and by the businesses to get labour at low cost.


A range of students studying in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, etc classes can use any of the above given essay on child labour. All are simply worded to let students understand without any difficulty. Apart from child labour essay, you can get other related essays and information such as:

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Imagine working for over 20 hours a day with no health benefits, workplace security, safety or any sort of assistance. You are working for a set wage that would not suffice the basic necessities of life for not only your family, but yourself as well. Labour law, also known as, employment law, are a body of laws, administrative judgments, and precedents which establish what the rights are for the labour force (Redgoldfish, 2010). Although these laws are enacted to uphold the rights for the working force, in many parts around the world labour laws are severely disregarded. In fact, in such places, workers are forced to work in harsh environments, under poor conditions and receive unfair compensation for their efforts. Issues in labour laws not only affect society, collective unions, and individuals, they even affect the nation as a whole. This is because in the end, it is the workforce that dictates the success of a nation's economy.


Throughout history, conflicts between workers and employers have existed in many forms around the world. However, the first quarrel between both groups came from slavery, which dates back to 3000 BCE 1500 BCE (Glass, 2009). After the collapse of matriarchy, those of higher status introduced free slavery. During this time, owners would treat their slaves as a commodity where slaves were given the basic needs of survival, but not given their rights. Even though slaves had to be "maintained", they were only given the minimal food, shelter and clothing to suffice the basic needs. Furthermore, between 1500 BCE to 1865, non-white individuals were enslaved and belonged to Caucasian masters (Glass, 2009). After many years of suppression, individuals began to rise up against slavery. In 1865, during the American civil war, a division formed between Northern and Southern U.S. states in regards to slavery (Glass, 2009). Eleven southern slave states wanted the succession of slavery and formed as the Confederate States of America (Glass, 2009). These states had to fight against Lincoln and the rest of the United States and lost the battle. This first rebellion against slavery took off and history was being made.

Between 1865 to the 1930s, the Masters and Servants Act was formed to control the relationship shared between employees and employers (Glass, 2009). During this period in time, employers were hiring workers and giving them low wages for jobs that deserved more money. Therefore, the Masters and Servants Act was enacted to protect employees from such injustice and unfairness. As a result, the Trade Unions Act formed so individuals could collectively stand by one another and negotiate their rights with employers (Dickenson, 655). However, "after unions formed, conflicts with employers started to escalate, and the state needed to intervene to regulate the relations was important to protect the nation's economy" (Dickenson, 655). After a few decades, the golden age of economy formed where employers and employees lived in harmony. Between 1960 to the 1980s Section 15(2) was strongly enforced. Individuals who had been discriminated or suppressed in the past had the right to form as a collective association. Moreover, both, employers and employees were getting along, and businesses began to flourish (Dickenson, 655). From the 1980s to now, unions have begun facing problems. After Canada became a right-wing controlled country, more unions have been busted and have had their demands rejected by employers (Glas, 2009). It's unfortunate to see that once again, individuals who have been working very hard aren't able to have their demands met.

Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms

Trade Unions have become the ultimate mutual defence for collective employees. In 1867, the Supreme Court of Canada declared that the Canadian Charter guarantees the right of freedom of association from Section 2(d). According to this section, collective individuals have the right to unionize and form an association (Dickenson, 657). On the other hand, the CCRF also does not confirm any special status to be given to such organizations. For example, the freedom of association does not promise collective bargaining or the right to hold a strike. Therefore, the abilities to collective bargain or strike derive from any federal or provincial legislation, not the Canadian Charter (Dickenson, 657).


The Employment Standards Act ays out the minimum conditions of employment (Gorrie, 2009). According to this act, the minimum conditional requirements permit employees and employers to sustain a contract. For example, in the article, The Employment Standards Act tates that employees and employers cannot disregard the legislation's bare requirements by providing low wages and over working their workforce. Furthermore, unionized employees must be granted the bare minimum benefits that the Act provides (Gorrie, 2009). Overall, the Employment Standards Act is concerned with wage payments, maximum labour hours, distribution of equal pay and work, and lastly, termination of employment.


In Machtinger v. HOJ Industries Ltd., the plaintiff and Lefebvre received a wrongful dismissal and were not given enough time's notice.

Political Spectrum

There world political spectrum illustrate various ideas, ideologies, mind sets, and values for many different people, countries and governments. The differences in such beliefs cause different governments and people to situate such beliefs throughout the political spectrum. Even within countries, many different political parties position themselves in different places on the political spectrum to represent their stance on certain issues. Located on the far left side of the political spectrum is communism, in the middle is socialism and on the far right side is capitalism.

Communists such as Karl Marx believed that "rights and freedoms were primarily illusions and were unconnected to society...exploitation of the working class by the dominant capitalist class (Woods, 2006)". Consequently, in communist states, a government would run the states where things were equally distributed to all individuals. "Equality is much more important to society than liberty" (Woods, 2006). Economically, governments in communist countries would place a 100 % tax on all citizens for more social programs (Glass, 2009). The former USSR and Germany are examples of two countries that coincided with communism. In a communist country, the collective is more important than an individual.

Socialism is placed in the centre between Capitalism and Communism. In this political ideology, the government controls "all means of production" (Heilbroner, 2006). Socialism generated as a counter effect to capitalism in regards to economic malfunction and moral cruelty" (Heilbroner, 2006). Socialists believe that "wealth and power should be distributed only to those who have made the most impact on production (Heilbroner, 2006). There would be a 50% taxing on citizens (Glass, 2009).

Finally, Capitalism is located on the far right side of the political spectrum. Capitalism is an economic system where wealth and the production of wealth are privately owned (Ackerman, 2005). In capitalist countries, government interference in economic affairs and competition is discouraged, allowing only the forces of supply and demand take control (Glass, 2009). Some famous economists, who believed in capitalism and the free-market system, include Milton Friedman, Margret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan (Atkins, 2009).

In communist nations, wealth is something that is not equally distributed where the more money one possesses the more power he or she has over the rest of society. In fact, in such nations, there would be a higher degree of poverty for those of middle-class status. Economically, in capitalistic nations, there is a 0% taxation implemented in citizens where no money would be spent on social programs, only on the best interest of private businesses and corporations (Glass, 2009).

The Canadian political spectrum has three parties located on it: the NDP, Liberals and the Conservative party. The NDP is located closest to socialism where they have progressive economic views such as: Cutting military spending, dividing taxes towards social programs, increase minimum wage, and tax the rich and poor differently (Glass, 2009). The Liberal Party is located in the middle of the NDP party and the Conservative Party. This centrist party's economic views consist of: Minimal military spending, taxes should be divided between social programs and individual and finally, tax the rich a little more than the poor (Glass, 2009). The Conservative Party of Canada is located on the far right side of the political spectrum. This party's stance on economic views are: More military spending to protecting Canada, cut taxes and unnecessary social programs, and disregard labour unions from forming so businesses obtain maximum profit.


I strongly believe that labour laws needs to abide by corporations and businesses all over the world. The working-class individuals work under harsh conditions, and have the right to receive adequate compensation for their hard labour. Although Canada allows the workforce to unionize and be safeguarded against unjust businesses, these people deserve to have their needs provided to them. After many years of slavery and abuse, the working class deserve to have their rights given to them. Unlike developing countries where working conditions, wages and security is sceptical, countries such as Canada should intervene and show such nations how they can improve their economies.

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